Liberal College Bans Donald Trump But Allows Hillary Clinton Full Use of their School!

Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, is allowing Hillary Clinton to speak at the largest auditorium on campus tomorrow. But when the school’s chapter of the College Republicans tried to reserve that space for Donald Trump earlier this year, the school allegedly told them that presidential candidates weren’t allowed to use it–which is odd given that it hosted a debate between Republican candidates in 2011 and a Democratic presidential primary debate in 2007.

Why the double standard? The school says that Hillary is there as part of a speaker series. Two Republicans have already spoken as part of the speaker series, but neither of them ended up in Spaulding.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign told Campus Reform that the claims made by the College Republicans are accurate and that the campaign was “told Spaulding Auditorium would be off limits to all presidential candidates this election cycle.”

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