Liberal Asks Hillary Clinton if She’s a Liar, a Hypocrite or Both

Hillary Clinton is a political animal. We all know and understand this, and just as President Obama “evolved” on gay marriage… so has Mrs. Clinton. However, if we can all think back to the 2008 election… how many people truly believed that President Obama and Mrs. Clinton were “really” against gay marriage? That may have been their public position but NO ONE really bought it.

We all knew, Republicans and Democrats alike, that given the chance, both Obama and Clinton would back gay marriage. Do you think any gay marriage supporting Democrat would have voted for either of them if they truly believed that they were “anti-gay marriage?” No way.

But Democrat politicians usually get a pass for things like that… so Hillary Clinton was super-surprised when a liberal radio host at NPR asked her the obvious question.

“Are you a really big hypocrite and liar… or is it just coincidence that you came around to the gay marriage side when it was politically expedient?”

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