Legislator Proposes Bill to Hold Gun Sellers Liable for Criminals’ Conduct

Since the shooting incident of two reporters on live TV in Virginia, the push for gun control, a measure that eventually leads to gun confiscation, resurfaced with vigor because the individual who committed the crime passed a background check to obtain a firearm. In response, Sen. Tom Kaine (D-VA) is proposing legislation that would hold “gun sellers” criminally liable for the misuse of the guns purchased at the retailer.

The design of the bill supposedly “raises the bar” to require more accountability on the part of the gun retailer. Kaine’s proposed bill could expand the “federal reach” to private gun sellers meaning the feds could enact criminal liability charges against private sellers. Kaine’s bill, the Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act, proposes holding gun sellers criminally liable if the seller did not take “responsible, affirmative steps to determine the customer met federal criteria, according to a summary provided by Kaine’s office.

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