Lawyer Cries Racism When Supreme Court Votes for Equality Instead of Affirmative Action

In 2006, the voters in Michigan passed an amendment to the State Constitution banning state public colleges from using Affirmative Action methods for college admissions.  That means that the state’s public colleges are not allowed to give any extra points or credit to a college applicant on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity or national origin.

The decision of the people is that everyone applying to college is placed on an equal playing field with only their academic and/or athletic records to stand for them.  Naturally civil rights activists who preach equality did not like the Supreme Court ruling or the constitutional amendment passed by the people giving them equality.  They demanded to have their preferential treatment so they challenged the legality of the constitutional amendment banning Affirmative Action.

Once again, the case ended up before the US Supreme Court and once again the high court upheld the will of the people and declared the amendment to be constitutional.  And guess what the reactions of civil rights activists were?  They are again crying foul and racism.  Because the US Supreme Court voted to give minority students equality with all other students, they are being called racists.

Among the outspoken civil rights activists is attorney Shanta Driver.  She blasted the Supreme Court decision saying that it is going back to the era of Jim Crow laws that allowed for racial segregation at the state and local level.

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