Larry The Cable Guy’s ObamaCare Joke Makes Critics “Cry Like Babies”

Earlier this month we reported about the funny remarks Larry the Cable Guy shared with Sean Hannity on The Sean Hannity Show. Well it appears that the comedian has caught a bit of backlash resulting from his comments.  Larry the Cable Guy recently took to Twitter to tell the Obamcare praisers to get their panties out of a knot.

After receiving hundreds of tweets in response to his comments, he posted a tweet that started a new fire.  He stated, “Wow I tell an Obamacare joke and all hell breaks loose. Doesn’t anybody laugh anymore. Geesh! Lightin up! Talk about bitter people.”

In effort to get under the skin of our tolerant friends on the left, he decided to re-share the joke that brought about so much controversy.

I figured out the new health care law. The bronze plan is what your fingers gonna look like after you have to give yerself a prostate exam!

The gold plan is hocking yer wedding ring to pay the deductible and silver is what color yer hair will be when ya finally sign up!

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