Lack of Support for Obamacare Continues to Sink Democrats

Yesterday we brought you the news that a newly released study showed that Obamacare would reduce employment by 3%, but maybe even more important, the study showed that about 46% of the American workforce would be NEGATIVELY affected by the Obamacare incentives that were causing the reduction.

That news ties in nicely with a couple of new articles out today. The dueling pieces are both bad news for President Obama and his Democrat cronies.

First, Obamacare has never been popular with the majority of Americans, but the healthcare scheme has always enjoyed the general support of Democrats. That support now seems to be faltering. The number of Democrats who say “they have been HURT” by Obamacare has more than doubled since May of this year – rising from 6% to 15% in just over 5 months time. Now more than 1 of every 5 Democrats say Obamacare is actually going to make things worse – which is the most pessimistic Democrats have been on Obamacare since the President announced his plans for the government to takeover American healthcare.

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