Krauthammer on Cuba – Is There No Tyrant Obama Won’t Appease for Nothing in Return?

Charles Krauthammer believes that the major issue in the new relationship between Cuba and the United States and the method by which it came about has something to do with a position the “president” held in 2008 but which he has since, characteristically, reversed himself on.

Reading a previous Obama comment, Krauthammer says, “This is what he said in ’08, ‘I will maintain the embargo’ and he said for precisely the reason that we have cited here today. ‘It provides us with leverage to provide the regime with a choice, if you take significant steps towards a democracy, we will take steps to begin normalizing relations.’ Which is the consensus that the country has had for fifty years.”

Dr. Krauthammer goes on to say, “There was not an ounce, not an inch, there was not a suggestion of an opening here. So this is a contradiction. It’s about this administration, that everywhere it meets a tyrant, whether it’s Putin in Russia and we abandon the missile defense system in Eastern Europe and get nothing in return. We do a START treaty which is advantageous to the Russians and does nothing on our part.”

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