Kerry to Appoint Proud Homosexual as US Diplomat

The Obama administration becomes more bizarre at every turn. Leading the pack in the bizarre this week is none other than Secretary of State, John “Lurch” Kerry. According to the Daily News, Kerry will select an open sodomite diplomat to “oversee international human rights advocacy for LGBT people.” Kerry will vet candidates for the “specialized” position with the final determination being made at the end of this month. The perfect candidate will be an open sodomite and an already trained diplomat. Of further interest, the position will not require Senate confirmation.

Naturally, this move was championed by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, since homosexuality is a criminal offense in much of Africa and the Middle East. In Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, homosexuality is punishable by death while Belize, Barbados, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan punishes homosexuals with jail time. In looking at where these violations occur, one can see the majority of these countries are Islamic.

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