Karl Rove: Violence Will Continue Until the Second Amendment is Repealed

During the Sunday airing of Fox New Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Karl Rove how America can stop violent attacks like the one the country witnessed in Charleston, South Carolina.

Rove said “acts of violence” will continue, until someone can force America to “repeal the Second Amendment.”

He quickly added his belief that such a repeal is an impossibility, and therefore not a viable idea — yet.

Here is Wallace’s exact question:

Karl, whether you agree with the president on gun control or not, you certainly have to agree with him that we see these cases of mass violence way too often and we see them more often in the United States than in other advanced countries. And I mean, you know, you are in a position to say, what do we do about it whether it’s government, whether it’s community, whether it’s family, how do we stop the violence?

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