Jury Awards $80,000 to Man Whose Antique Guns were Confiscated by Police

I reported on a story that occurred in Arlington Heights, Illinois, in which police showed up at 72-year-old Arthur Lovi’s home and confiscated several antique guns following a visit he made to a therapist. All of this was done in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Nearly three years after the incident, a jury has sided with Lovi and awarded him $80,000.

The Daily Herald reports:

Two Arlington Heights police officers have been found guilty of constitutional violations and ordered by a federal jury to pay a resident $80,000 in damages for illegally searching his home and seizing his guns.

On Thursday, the jury found Arlington Heights police Sgt. Charles Buczynski guilty of illegal entry into a home and unreasonable seizure of property for leading the charge into Lovi’s home. The jury ordered him to pay Lovi $45,000, Kiss said.

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