John Kerry: Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Public Office

We can tell a lot about the liberal mindset by witnessing how they deal with legitimate dissent. While a secure person would ignore a contrary opinion or, even better, attempt to engage in discussion with another person on a matter, liberals too-often attempt to slam-shut the window of opportunity for discussion.

Those who don’t subscribe to an “America is racist” narrative are written-off as hopeless, unenlightened bigots. Those who do not validate the delusions of the mentally ill are “transphobic.” Those who assert that it’s wrong to kill babies but alright to kill murderers are anti-women misogynists.

And, of course, those who don’t buy-into the politically-motivated “science” behind the premise of man-made “climate change” are not only morons to liberals, they are dangerous naysayers who must be stopped.

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