Jimmy Carter Supports Terrorist Ambassador to the UN

President Jimmy Carter is getting up there in years, but he’s still making public statements about American political policies. He’s trended towards anti-Semitism for years, but his latest statement makes one wonder if he is also trending towards senility.

The nation of Iran is attempting to name a former terrorist as their new ambassador to the United Nations. Iran would like Hamid Aboutalebi to be allowed entrance into the United States to serve as their ambassador to the UN, This is problematic for the Obama administration because Aboutalebi was one of the terrorist college students who, back in 1979, took many Americans hostage at the American embassy in Tehran, Iran.

Not only would his legal entrance into our nation be a slight to the hostages and their families, but Aboutalebi’s involvement (and lack of regret) in the assault on our embassy gives a clear picture of how much he respects diplomacy with the West.

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