Jeb Bush has had a Gaffe-Filled Campaign!

Republican presidential candidates are obviously tired of being overshadowed by one Donald J. Trump. The other dozen or so White House hopefuls struggle to get anywhere near the coverage the billionaire businessman receives on a daily basis.

This arrangement has probably irked no one more than former GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush. Prior to the entry of The Donald, Bush was the talk of the media and was leading the Republican pack by a comfortable margin. Fast forward a few months, and now Jeb is down in the polls and has a high unfavorable rating among GOP voters. To put in perspective how low Bush has sunk, his top supporters are prepared to bolt if he doesn’t shape up and start leading the field, according to a Monday Washington Post report.

Additionally, the former Florida governor looks on the verge of a breakdown every time he has to field questions about Trump.

So it’s understandable that Bush is ticked off his policy proposals are getting ignored in favor of Trump’s ever-creative barbs and made-for-TV rhetoric. However, the establishment favorite should probably thank the billionaire insurgent for soaking up all the media attention — because it’s taken away the eye of Sauron from Bush’s numerous gaffes this election cycle.

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