ISIS Releases Video Murdering 21 Christians

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is no longer tied just to those two Middle Eastern nations – they’ve also spread to several other nations, including Libya. Libya, which was heralded just a few short years ago as the future of the Islamic world, has descended into chaos, and ISIS has risen to the top in the lawless nation. ISIS in Libya shares many things in common with their fellow jihadists in Iraq and Syria, including the ability to anger their Muslim neighbors.

In Syria, ISISI recently incurred the wrath of the Kingdom of Jordan after they murdered a Jordanian pilot by burning him alive and then airing the footage for the world to see. The barbarism was meant to show the world just how serious ISIS was about their fight – instead it galvanized a nation of Muslims against them. The Jordanians were so angry that their king even stepped in to personally fly a combat mission against them and we’ve only begun to see Jordan’s military power expressed in Syria.

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