ISIS Leader Claims Obama Paying $600 Per New Terrorist Recruit

Gen. Thomas McInerney states “It’s bewildering. We are aiding and abetting the enemy. I do not understand why this President and this administration want to aid and abet the enemy.” McInerney continues “It’s still going to expose our forces to certain risks because they’re going to be doing a lot of defensive preparations; IEDs, different defensive positions knowing an attack is coming, all those kinds of things that will make our troops more vulnerable. Again, it’s aiding and abetting the enemy.”

Judge Napolitano stated that it is ‘almost a violation of law by revealing national security secrets to the enemy.’

Yet more lawlessness and treason from Obama. This time he not only emboldens our enemy but puts our troops at great risk.

Adding to this, Yousef al-Salafi, an ISIS leader who was recently arrested in Pakistan, admitted that ISIS is being funded by the U.S. government. We already knew that Obama was sending paychecks to ISIS members, now we find out that Obama is paying ISIS $600 per new recruit.

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