Is Texas Gearing up to Defy Federal Power?

With the unbelievable but expected ruling of the Supreme Court, many people began to act as if the war was over. To many, there seemed to be nothing left to do. People are taking the necessary action to protect themselves from being forced to comply. Churches and even states are now talking about getting out of the marriage business altogether. But there seems to be a different tact being taken in Texas.

MSNBC reports

Texas was quick to set in motion actions meant to undermine the ruling. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order to state agencies on Friday asking that they “prioritize compliance” with the state’s “religious freedom” laws.

This means that the state of Texas is preparing to place its own religious freedom laws above that of the federal and Supreme Court. So, to help us to understand this, the Governor has told state agencies that the Texas law was to supersede the Supreme Court’s ruling. And though this is not an order to disobey, it does undermine the ruling.

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