IRS Scandal So Bad Even 26 Democrats Voted For Special Prosecutor

Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio is discussing the future as it relates to the House Oversight Committee and the issue of the contempt vote for Lois Lerner. While acknowledging that the House will wait for a ruling from a judge as to what happens next, Jordan points out a telling detail from the previous day’s vote.

While the contempt resolution itself only had the support of six Democrats, the vote for a special counsel brought much greater support from the Democrat side, a point Jordan says highlights the feeling that something isn’t right with the stymied investigation.

He labels the criminal investigation at the Justice Department “a joke.” He recites several items to support his position, including the leak to the Wall Street Journal that nobody will be prosecuted, Obama’s comments that there is not a smidgeon of corruption during his Super Bowl interview, and the fact that the person in charge of leading the investigation, Barbara Bosserman, gave $6,750 to Obama and Democrats in donations.

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