IRS Lawyers Get New Job as White House Advisors

Group complains that there are no provisions to prevent these former IRS lawyers from using private information about taxpayers and Tea Party groups.

When Lois Lerner used her position to select and target Tea Party organizations for special scrutiny and abusive treatment, she did not act alone. She had lawyers helping with her plan. The IRS has lawyers after all, and their role for the IRS is similar to that of lawyers for the NSA devising ways to claim that the Patriot Act authorizes bulk data collection—even though judges disagree once the matter finally gets heard in court.

What has happened to the lawyers involved in targeting Tea Party groups?

Some of them are now advising the White House, according to a report by the Washington Examiner. To be moved from the IRS to the White House sounds like a promotion to me. It seems that the White House is publicly siding with these lawyers and declaring to the world that they think they are reliable.

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