In America – It’s Now Okay to Force Christians to Participate in Gay Parades

You may not remember this, because it all started way back in 2001, but an important test case just resolved itself up in Rhode Island.

Back in 2001 two Christian Firefighters were forced to participate in a Gay Parade that took place in Providence, Rhode Island. The two firemen asked for reassignment based on their religious beliefs and were promptly denied by their superiors. After some time and receiving legal advice, they decided to sue both the mayor and the fire chief of Providence.

The firefighters are both Roman Catholic, and as such, are opposed to the glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. They also argued that by taking part in the parade they were subjected to sexual harassment from parade-attendees as well as their co-workers.

However, the Judge in the case apparently disagreed. Because after more than 10 years of litigation, he has decided to dismiss their case.

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