Illegals Flooding Across Border Due to Obama’s Amnesty Promise

Two to three months prior to the 2014 midterm elections, Barack Obama started talking about using an executive order to give amnesty to the 11-15 million illegal aliens living in the US. Not wanting amnesty to be the reason for the Democrats to lose control of the Senate, Obama announced that he would wait until after the election to wield his dictatorial powers and pardon up to 15 million criminals (crossing into the US illegally is still a crime).

Now that the election is over and the Republicans have control of both the House and Senate, Obama is again saying that he is ready to grant amnesty to the illegals. Republican leaders have warned him that he would face a tough fight and create irreparable damage to any chance of them working with him on anything else if he uses his executive powers to grant amnesty, but Obama is as defiant as a strong willed two year old.

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