Illegal Immigration is Immoral – Here’s How it Hurts Us

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  —Abraham Lincoln


 The House Analogy

A country is very much like a household, and its citizens are like members of the family living inside it.  For members of the household to live in freedom, comfort, and safety, everyone must pitch in to help around the place.  Everybody must follow some rules of problem-solving, manners, and consideration.

If a guest is to eat dinner and spend the night with the family, then permission should be obtained first, with the understanding that the visit will last for a certain length of stay.  While spending time with the family, the guest agrees not to violate family rules.  If the stay is to be an especially long one, the visitor agrees to pitch in with the rest of the family in order to make a contribution.


The Uninvited

Illegal aliens are people who come into the country without formal permission to be here.  It is like someone breaking into your house.  Illegals who stay in the country are like stowaways in your garage or cellar.  If your family earns enough money, it might not be a major imposition if a soup can goes missing once a day, along with a couple of apples and a little bread.  You might eventually discover the stowaway and decide to continue to allow him to stay, since he has not made any major problems for you and has even agreed to do a little work around the house.

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