Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Molesting 9 Year Old Girl Has Been Deported FOUR Times!

In a disgusting and heartbreaking story, a perpetual criminal and illegal immigrant by the name of Israel Andrade has been arrested for sexually molesting a 9 year old little girl.

The little girl woke up to find a strange man groping her, then telling her to follow him into the bedroom he had entered the home through. Instead, the little girl ran screaming into her parents’ room, who then tried to call police. Unfortunately, the illegal immigrant thug had stolen their cell phones and made his escape.

Police were later able to track him to the home of one of his relatives, where they found him sleeping on a couch and laying on one of the stolen phones. He was also found with two pairs of the girl’s underwear and the shoes that matched the treads of imprints found at the violated home.

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