If At First You Do Not Secede Try, Try Again

I noticed that, last night, Drudge included a story about Crimea’s vote to break away from Ukraine with a story about the vote in Venetia as well as stories about Scotland and Quebec. While Venice’s referendum is only a step to move toward independence, Scotland has a real vote that would sever the country from the rest of the United Kingdom. People are trying to figure out what to do about the elections that are taking place only ten months before the vote over secession. If Scotland votes to secede, that decision will change the face of UK politics because the Scottish delegates will no longer be members of Parliament.

I think Drudge should have included a story about Catalonia too, especially since one of the international observers of Crimea’s vote to secede was “a Spanish deputy supporting Catalan independence” from Spain. Catalonia has been struggling to get the same opportunity to leave Spain that Scotland is getting to secede from the UK.

In my opinion, no matter what conservatives think of the wisdom of joining Russia, we should be strong defenders of the right of peoples to secede. There are very few ways to limit the growth of big government, but recognizing the right of people to leave the larger body politic and be their own government provides a check on the ambitions of centralists.

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