I Was Never a KISS Fan, But I am Now After I Heard This!

You don’t often hear interview subjects challenging prominent journalists about their ex-wives and other peccadilloes. But that’s what happened on Monday’s CBS This Morning. Reporter Anthony Mason interviewed Kiss singer and guitarist Paul Stanley on the band’s entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Mason quizzed, ‘And when the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame asked the original members to perform together again, Stanley resisted. For old times’ sake, one more time, you wouldn’t want to do that?’ Stanley retorted, ‘How many times have you been married?’ After the reporter responded with ‘twice,’ the rock star pounced, ‘How about for old times’ sake you go back and spend the night with your ex-wife?’”

There are lessons here.

First, anytime you are being interviewed, take control of the interview. You’re not getting paid to be on their show. They’re making money; you’re not.

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