How to Respond to the Gay Straw Man Argument

In a recent article, I addressed a socialistic statement misattributed to Jimmy Carter. That fallacy, however misattributed, reminded me of a couple fallacies Mr. Carter did say.

Mr. Carter recently entered the news with a claim that Jesus would approve of homosexual marriage, although he admitted, “I don’t have any verse in Scripture.” I’ll let that speak for itself, but it represents a broad swath of liberal Christians (and unfortunately a growing number of mainstream evangelicals) who argue the same way.

Such a claim is factually wrong and demonstrably wrong from Scripture. One real problem with defending such inaccurate presuppositions as “Jesus would approve of gay marriage” is that the inaccuracy snowballs into further exposition and argument. This is where the fallacies occur.

One example of this is recorded in my book Biblical Logic: In Theory and Practice, which has recently been reprinted. The example involves both Mr. Carter and the topic of same-sex marriage.

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