How the Federal Gov’t Intends to Recruit Christians Into the Homosexual Agenda

Do not be naïve: the Federal government wants to reach into every Christian home and open up every child to potential homosexual recruitment.

The mental health industry is not a system of private businesses. It is a potential army for the Federal Government. It gets to decide who is “healthy” and who is not. It gets to decide if parents are fit to raise children or if the children need to be given over to someone else. He are sitting on the edge of a knife. Only a few tweaks and we could have a full blown totalitarian regime that went far beyond the Soviet Union. The pieces are in place.

So it is important to make sure that the mental health profession is kept uniform. One recent movement are mental health professionals who don’t think it is healthy for men to get their erotic pleasure from other men or for women to get that from women. Or perhaps they are even value neutral but realize that a person who is erotically attracted to the same sex might want to be able to live a normal life with biological children and an exclusive relationship to the other parent of those children.

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