How Congress Lied Setting Up Their Own Obamacare Coverage

Did Congress really lie on the forms it used to set up its own Obamacare coverage?

That’s a question that needs to be answered, according to a filing in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

The brief, from the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, asks for an order for further proceedings at the district court level on claims that tens of thousands of congressional staff members are getting coverage through an exchange set up only for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

The case challenges the expenditure of municipal funds on the Small Business Exchange to allow Congress, its staff members and their dependents to get health-care coverage.

Judicial Watch claims that a lower court decision – that the plaintiff, Kirby Vining, didn’t have standing to bring the complaint – should be overturned.

“I am doubly disturbed by what members of Congress and their staff have done here,” said Vining in a statement to Judicial Watch, “both because this program was designed to provide benefits for small businesses, businesses that form the spine of our economy and society, but also because Congress has chosen to claim eligibility to participate in this program, claiming to be a ‘small business.’ Congress authored the law, and is going to rather questionable lengths to avoid compliance with the law it drafted.”

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