Homosexuals Claim the Concept Homosexual Didn’t Exist When the Bible Was Written

Advocates of same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage, and same-sex sex make some of the most illogical, unhistorical, and non-theological claims imaginable. Two arguments I am seeing more often these days is the claim that the concept of homosexual did not exist when the Bible was written, and a related claim that the word “homosexual” did not appear in Bible translations until 1946.

Claim: Some English – and Spanish, and Chinese, and Russian etc. – translations of the Bible include the word homosexual. That’s incorrect because the word homosexual is nowhere in the original Hebrew or the original Greek. (Answer: The word homosexual (a person who engages in sex with someone of the same sex) accurately describes the biblical description of people who engage in sex with someone of the same sex.)

Claim: The word homosexual didn’t exist when the Bible was written. (Answer: The description of what the word “homosexual” means is found in the Bible.)

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