Holder Resignation May Be Tied to Fast and Furious Ruling

The surprise resignation of a key member of President Barack Obama’s administration may be a political move to avoid the resurgence of interest in exposing corruption and misconduct — even criminal activity — within the office of the nation’s Top Cop who is ordered this week to release information regarding Operation Fast and Furious, according to political insiders within the D.C. Beltway on Friday.

While most of the news media and politicians have “closed the books” on the Fast and Furious scandal, there is evidence that a federal judge’s ruling — pertaining to documents withheld by Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department — has more to do with Holder’s sudden resignation announcement on Thursday than Obama’s hope to have a new attorney general confirmed by the Democrat-controlled Senate before any nominee has to face a probable Republican majority in the new year, according to several political strategists and watchdogs on Friday.

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