Hillary Losing Liberals – MSNBC says Hillary Like Nixon!

When as a liberal you’ve lost Chris Matthews, you know that you’re in trouble. Hillary Clinton should be worrying right about now. In a recent segment on MSNBC, Chris Matthews had some very hard words for Mrs. Clinton, likening her to liberals favorite punching bag, President Richard Nixon.

And I think we have to go back to her, I think almost — well, let’s put it this way, interesting sense of privacy. You go into public life to sort of show yourself off. Like Trump. You show it off. You’re like Christie, it’s all on the table. It’s out there. Most politicians want you to know everything about them. They do like the fact that public exposure. She is the absolute opposite, like Nixon was. The exact opposite of that.

Matthews’ is near the mark, but he still misses. The question he should be asking is WHY? Why has she fought so hard to keep her server under wraps? Why, when so much of the Clinton life is out in the open, why has she been so secretive with these emails?

My personal belief is that there are things on the server that she wants to make sure no one ever sees.

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