Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal is Exploding and this Could Get Very Ugly

Hillary Clinton has been embroiled at the center of an ever-growing scandal for several months now, and there has been more than a couple big scares for the Clinton campaign, but the latest tremors may be the most destructive yet.

While there have been many close calls for the Clinton campaign over the last year, the latest revelations may be the most damning yet. Over the last few days, several major stories have dropped shedding light on Clinton’s crimes as Secretary of State. Each on its own would be embarrassing (as they each prove that Hillary lied at various times and in various ways), but taken altogether they paint a damning portrait of a craven liar and a crass criminal.

The first revelation was that Clinton ordered her subordinates to strip the classified markings from important data and send it through “unsecure” methods. Both commands – first, to strip the markings and then to send the data in an unsecure manner — are both in abject contradiction to federal law.

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