Hillary Clinton Repeats an Old Lie about Joining the Marines – Media Decides Not to Check the Story!

As of Wednesday afternoon, Politico stands by its story that Ben Carson’s claim he was offered a full scholarship to West Point was a fabrication. Carson says Politico’s story is a lie and an example of how the mainstream media “vets” Republican candidates differently than they do Democrats. Politico claims that their story needed some clarification, but that it was basically sound.

Yesterday we asked if a claim about being granted a scholarship to West Point made by Ben Carson in a book published in 1990 is important and timely enough for Politico to question 25 years later, why don’t they investigate a 1994 Hillary Clinton claim that she tried to join the Marines? That claim is only 21 years in the past.

Adding to that story, we now learn that on the stump in New Hampshire this week, Hillary doubled down on the claim that she tried to join the Marines. CNN investigated the claim and isn’t very sure Ms. Clinton’s claim is true.

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