Hillary Claims Automatic Weapons Used in Shootings When They’ve Been Banned for Years

Words are weapons, but we don’t often see them that way. We seldom feel the impact of words because of their ubiquity; unless we’re aware of their importance beforehand, we often only feel the most casual of connections to words.

Before we listen to something as monumental as MLK’s “Dream” speech, we understand its transformational importance, and are fully prepared to allow the words to take root inside our minds. However, when we listen to the deluge of political language coming from the mouths of presidential candidates, or from celebrities, or from the media, we don’t realize how much of an impact those words have on our perspective, and therefore our behavior.

Recently, Hillary Clinton answered a question during a town hall about Australia’s gun restrictions. The following is her response in part:

“And I don’t think any parent–any person–should have to fear about their child going to school or going to college because someone, for whatever reason–psychological, emotional, political, [ideological], whatever it means–could possibly enter that school property with an automatic weapon and murder innocent children, students, teachers.”

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