Hillary Clinton Wants To Force Churches In America To Accept Homosexuality And Conduct Gay Weddings

Hilary Clinton wants to force Christian churches to accept homosexuality and sodomite marriage. Just recently, right after the Supreme Court decision on homosexual “marriage,” Hilary Clinton said:

So while we celebrate the progress won today, we must stand firm in our conviction to keep moving forward. For too many LGBT Americans who are subjected to discriminatory laws, true equality is still just out of reach. While we celebrate today, our work won’t be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice. We cannot settle for anything less.

Why did she bring up pray? Any sodomite can walk into a church and pray. Any sodomite can walk into a Catholic church or an Evangelical church and pray. Why bring this up? Since Clinton is talking in the context of the Supreme Court’s imposing homosexual “marriage” on all states, and since it was said under the guise of fighting “discrimination,” it is obvious that she is referring to the refusal of the churches to accept and conduct sodomite marriages. From the Supreme Court’s decision to impose this evil, they are going to be trying to impost this tyrannical confusion against the churches.

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