‘Have a Blessed Day’ Gets US Bank Teller Fired

How would you react if someone at a bank or store told you to ‘have a blessed day’ instead of saying ‘have a nice day?’

In 2009, someone told Polly Neace to ‘have a blessed day’ and she said it struck her as a nice thing to say. She told the media:

“I mean, in my opinion, I don’t think there’s any better day to have than a blessed day.”

Neace worked at a US Bank office in Walton, KY, about 5 miles south of where I live. For over two years, she has wished bank customers to have a blessed day without incident. As far as Neace knows, no one has ever complained about her salutation, but US Bank management says that they asked her to stop wishing customers to have a blessed day.

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