Harry Reid seeks to strip First Amendment

Saying the foundations of representative government are at stake, Senate Republicans on Thursday filibustered a tax cuts package to protest Democrats‘ denial of a chance to offer amendments.

But the vote, the second GOP filibuster this week, created an unusual situation in which Republicans opposed tax reductions and Democrats championed them, saying veterans, teachers, college students and others will suffer if the cuts aren’t approved by the end of the year.

Hours earlier, Democrats announced that they would take the first steps early next month to try to change the First Amendment’s free speech protections, overturning Supreme Court precedent and giving Congress the right to limit who can spend money in elections and how much they are allowed to spend.

Fights over the constitutional amendment and the way the Senate is being run underscored a toxic atmosphere as Democrats fight to preserve their majority and Republicans sense a chance to gain control of the chamber in November’s elections.

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