Harley Davidson Dealership Hosts Islamic Event – Customers Threaten to Boycott!

Harley-Davidson has been known as an American motorcycle company, but recently a DC area Harley-Davidson thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a rally for the Nation of Islam for black bikers on the 20th anniversary of Louis Farrakhan’s “Million Man March.” Needless to say, they got an earful from true Americans and customers, or should we say “former customers”?

The Harley dealership, owned by Joyce and Thomas Moorehead, declares that the dealership will be a rally point for black bikers attending the rally. This rally Louis Farrakhan has named “Ride for Justice.”

I actually think a more proper name for the rally would be “Ride for Injustice,” given Farrakhan’s criminal speeches over the years, especially those of late. Just last week he called on 10,000 volunteers to murder white people and in June he called for the American flag to be pulled down! And yes, he’s free and having a biker rally while a woman upholds the law and is caged like an animal.

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