Government Bans Conservative Mark Dice From Youtube

We have featured many videos of Mark Dice on our website in which he successfully demonstrates just how far out of touch the younger generation is with reality on account of mainstream media brainwashing.  It is sad to say that his YouTube account has officially been banned because of, “Severe Terms of Service Violations.”

In a recent turn of events, it appears as if YouTube, owned by the internet tycoon Google, is becoming openly blatant in the interference with the freedom of speech.  As several videos have become banned, or taken down, for no reason, it appears as if the government is playing puppet master with its mindless marionette followers.

In doing so it has loosened its terms and conditions to seemingly tear down any video that may, “incite people to commit violence, or that show animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking or bomb making,” to now, pretty much, anything that offends anyone.  As Liberal ideology continues to infect our nation our freedoms are threatened everyday with being turned into mandates in the name of “tolerance.”


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