GOP Senator-Elect Sides With Establishment Republicans; Flees From Constituents in Shame

Senator-elect Cory Gardner of Colorado left constituents at a December, 2014 Meet and Greet hanging in the dust. On the heels of accusations that he “sold out the Republican party” through his support for an unpopular spending bill, Gardner appeared afraid to face conservative voters when his aides blocked access to known Republicans at the GOP event in Highlands Ranch, CO.

In an interview with Politichicks, Florence Sebern shared her experience. She said that she was not there as part of any organized group, but because civics is an integral part of their lives. As a homeschool mom, she brought her high schooler to meet Colorado’s newly elected senator.

With about 100 people at the meet and greet, it was a standing room only event where Gardner spoke for about two minutes and then went to mingle with the crowd. Sebern stated that she and her son stood back so that senior citizens in attendance could meet the senator-elect first.

Sebern described Gardner’s departure as abrupt, leaving the impression that he felt uncomfortable surrounded by people familiar to the campaign who might have had questions on his support for the spending bill which funded President Obama’s mandate for amnesty. Sebern reported that there was no announcement for last minutes pictures or autographs, though there were several people waiting in line to see him.

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