GOP Senator: A Republican Senate Can Easily Stop Obama’s Amnesty, ‘We Do It All The Time’

Senator Jeff Sessions says that the process which would be involved in preventing the Obama dictatorial amnesty is “really simple, we do it all the time,” and it’s one which involves the effective use of language. He says the Congress simply puts language into a bill which says that the executive branch cannot spend any money on a particular project.

That is the method that Congress has used to prevent Obama from closing Gitmo and it is commonly used. Harry Reid already has already refused to bring it to a vote in the Senate after already being passed in the House. Senator Sessions says that if the Republicans are able to get the majority they will bring it up and he says he believes it will be successful and those who block it will be held to account.

Steve Malzberg raises the fact that millions of U.S. citizens are underemployed or unemployed and this regime is now planning to grant permission to take even more American jobs to illegal aliens who should not be in this country.

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