Gohmert to New Republicans: Defund Amnesty & Obamacare, Set Energy Sector Free

The New Year has begun and Americans can expect a tumultuous year when it comes to the Republican-controlled Senate and House tackling issues that propelled the overturn of a Democratic Senate monopoly in last year’s midterm elections. Appearing on the FoxNews “Hannity” show, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) indicated the top three priorities for Republicans assuming the majority in the Congress will be defunding amnesty, defunding parts of the Obamacare legislation, and deregulating energy.

Gohmert stated, “Defund the amnesty. Defund Obamacare, as much as we can in next year’s legislation. And, release the energy sector to provide more jobs. It’s ready. There’s ready to be an economic boom, if we will stop the overregulation.”

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