Global Warming Skeptic Has Twitter Account Suspended

For the second time within two weeks, another global warming skeptic blogger has had his Twitter account suspended, this time repeating profanity used by a NASA climate scientist — and no the scientist did not get his account suspended.

On April 1st, Twitter locked the account of science blogger Tom Nelson, who runs the blog the “Hockey Schtick.” Twitter told Nelson to delete a tweet that contained the word — are you ready for it? — “crap” or else his account would not be unlocked. Nelson then posted the “Delete Tweet” screen to his blog, after which Twitter promptly suspended his account. As of April 2nd, Nelson’s account was still suspended.

Interestingly enough, Nelson was simply repeating a word used by NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt who tweeted at Nelson that [graph] is crap as I’ve frequently pointed out. The temperature is hand drawn. Not even you can take it seriously, surely?”

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