Game Show Host Bob Barker Calls For Death Of Man Who Killed ‘Cecil’ The Lion

The creepy overraction to the death of a lion, the humanized “Cecil the lion,” has gone completely berserk, as many animal rights extremists are calling for the head — literally — of Dr. Walter Palmer, the hunter who killed the lion.

The frenzied reaction to the death of the lion is even more disturbing when balanced against the complete underaction from the very same people who dismiss Planned Parenthood being caught on numerous undercover videos haggling over the price of selling (illegally) body parts of babies who have been murdered through abortion.

The current craziness of the progressive political correctness (Save the Lions, Kill the Babies!) is exemplified by the rantings of former longtime “Price is Right” gameshow host, Bob Barker, who has long been an animal rights extremist.

“People are calling for the head of Walter Palmer — people are upset, they’re angry,” a TMZ interviewer tells Barker, soliciting a response.

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