French Youth Are Fleeing Socialism While American Youth Are Running Towards It

Remember Russel Brand’s demand for a Socialist revolution a few months back? In his 4500 word essay published in the New Statesman, he called for “total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system.” He then goes on to propose the question, “Is Utopian revolution possible?” His delusional tangent gained incredible support from young Americans.

A recent Pew Poll has shown that 49% of American’s aged 18-29 now favor socialism and 47% view capitalism negatively. This poll confirms that Brand’s idea might end up picking up further momentum. What surprises me is that Brand, along with a vast majority of the youth, are unaware that their idea for revolution isn’t original. France is reaping the consequences worse than ever from the unorthodox movement of May, 1986.

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