French Politician says Muslim Invasion of Europe is like the “Barbarian Invasion of Rome”

France’s presidential frontrunner, Marine Le Pen of the anti-Islam Front National party and champion of protecting Christianity in France, slams the EU for creating a trumped-up Syrian refugee crisis, which is NOT Syrian and NOT refugee-centered, but rather a sinister move by EU elites to “brown” the continent (white genocide) – turning it into a dumping ground for Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and terrorists from all over North Africa and the Middle East.

RT: French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen has compared the surge in asylum seekers coming into Europe to the invasion of Rome by barbarians. The nationalist politician previously landed in hot water when she drew parallels between Muslims in Europe and a Nazi invasion.

Le Pen has been leading all her leftist and centrist opponents in the polls for more than a year now.

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