Former WH Spokesman Confesses Obama Doing ‘Literally’ What He Previously Called Unconstitutional

Yipes, another one-time member of the Obama sycophant corps who will be receiving a lump of coal, if not a lump of something cruder, from the White House this Christmas. Move over, Leon Panetta. Make way for former Propaganda Minister, Jay Carney.

The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper reports that Carney, who now works for CNN, admitted on live TV that “President Obama has indeed flip-flopped on executive amnesty — and that the actions he’s taking now are ones he previously called unconstitutional.”

CNN host Anderson Cooper asks, after playing a montage wherein Obama calls executive amnesty unconstitutional, “So, I mean, other than his frustration, what has changed? I mean, he’s a constitution scholar. What has changed that allows him to do this?”

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