For the First Time,The National Organization for Women Considers Sharia Law

I just realized that, with one or two exceptions, none of my left-liberal feminist compatriots of nearly fifty years have said a word to me about Hamas’s kidnapping-murder of three Israeli teenagers. Not a word in the 18 days they were missing. Silence since their bodies were found.

No one has sent me an email, or made a whispered phone call, something—anything—something private, that would not get them in trouble with the Democratic Party or the mainstream media. I no longer expect them to take public stands that would put them at any reputational risk.

This silence was not a surprise after a career observing American feminists’ relationship to the Middle East. Very few American feminists, for example, have supported my work on honor based crimes, including honor killing, a form of human sacrifice and femicide, a phenomenon which I increasingly refer to as “horror” killings. Of course, Muslim and ex-Muslim feminists and dissidents, North American and European prosecutors, detectives, and conservative intellectuals rely upon this work. But not feminists. Not yet.

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