FLOTUS Refuses to Call Kidnapper Boko Haram a Terrorist

Filling in for her husband on Mother’s Day, Mooch delivers the weekly address, or in this case, the weakly address on behalf of the usurper. She speaks to the abduction of school girls in Nigeria as the work of terrorists. She doesn’t identify them as “Islamic” terrorists, though they are. She doesn’t call the group, Boko Haram, by name either. She doesn’t say anything about how they butcher innocent people in their effort to create an independent “Islamic” state under Sharia Law in northern Nigeria. She’s content just to call them terrorist. Maybe they are the reconstituted Irish Republican Army.

Reading from a script to her front, upper left, the first female attempts to show how concerned she is by putting a personal touch on the kidnapping, as the mother of two young daughters. She conveys how both she and her husband are “outraged and heartbroken.” They aren’t outraged enough to call them for what they are, though.

Mooch also fails to mention the fact that this could have possibly been prevented if the State Department, under Obama’s Democrat Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, hadn’t fought so hard to keep the perpetrators from being labeled a terrorist organization.

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