Florida County Issues EPA ‘Warning Letters’ for the Smell of Meat Coming From BBQs

Are they coming after our barbecues now?

Before you fire up that grill next time, you may want to check for possible code violations.

A Pinellas County, Florida, man didn’t, and ended up being the one getting burned, according to The Free Thought Project.

When Scotty Jordan lit up his grill last week, he reportedly received a visit from Joe Graham, a Pinellas County Air Compliance officer, who promptly wrote Jordan up in a complaint.

The infraction? Creating a “nuisance odor.”

Pinellas County code provides, according to its website:

Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor. If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter.

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