Five Unelected Judges to Decide America’s Fate On Homosexual Marriage

In 1973 seven unelected men who sat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America cast their votes that resulted in the deaths of 50 million (maybe more) unborn babies. How would you like to stand before God after that vote and the ensuing bloodshed? The seven would be right up there with Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung, and they would be at the head of the line.

Hundreds of millions of Americans were bound by the decision of those seven people, and the babies in the womb did not have the means to speak against their own genocide. Since then, the belief patterns of people over the issue of abortion have changed, much of it because of images of babies growing in utero. We now have a window in the womb.

It’s similar to Dr. William Beaumont, the Army surgeon stationed at Fort Mackinac, Michigan, who in 1822 treated Alexis St. Martin who had received a gunshot womb to the stomach area. The hole could not be closed. It was that hole that enabled Dr. Beaumont to study how the stomach works. It’s a fascinating story. I remember hearing the story when I was 12 years old and our family vacationed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and we took a day trip to Mackinac Island.

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